Harika: the "Wonder" of Cyprus homes

Your Reliable Helper

Our brand Harika, which means "Wonderful", has excelled at keeping households hygienic and clean since 1977. Over the years, Harika has become a strong, locally produced Cypriot brand offering the best cleaning and personal care products.

Producing with Passion

We keep on producing with passion.

Keeping up with Global Events

We follow and adapt to all local and global issues, especially those affecting our personal, social and environmental health such as the climate change and the pandemic, in order to design and deliver products catering to people’s needs.

Innovative Solutions

Being prepared to remain up-to-date with cutting edge technologies in hygiene and personal care, we adapt our product formulas, product variety and production capacity through our agility and innovative solutions.

Supporting Local

Even when there is a lack of hygiene products all over the world, as we experienced in the early days of Covid-19, Harika continues production in Cyprus without interruptions, reducing foreign dependency on essential household products and helping protect the health of our people.

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Our Mission

A Wonderful Brand
for a Wonderful World