About Us

Since 1977, we have been working hard for our community as the leading local brand of cleaning and personal care products in Cyprus.

About Us

With an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons of powder and liquid detergent and personal care products, Harika FMG (Fast Moving Goods) provides production and distribution services to every corner of Cyprus.

We prioritise human health at all stages of production, using internationally approved ingredients, conducting in-house tests, and receiving regular audits and inspections to ensure the trust and safety of our customers.

Raw and packaging materials procured by our company are introduced to the production process after being thoroughly examined and approved as meeting the required hygiene and quality standards.

Supported and led by an expert research team of chemists, chemical engineers and biochemists, Harika FMG develops products which tend to the needs of the society through its dedicated research and development programme.

Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and infrastructure, and products are packaged ready for sale in automatic filling lines only after passing the necessary chemical and microbiological tests.

Production and Service Quality
At International Standards

The products and services provided by Harika FMG have been evaluated and certified according to both local regulations and international standards.

ISO 9001 NQA Quality Management System Certificate

It is the document that the producer and service provider activities of our company are measured and certified in accordance with ISO Quality Standards.

ISO 14001 NQA Environmental Management System Certificate

It is the document in which the environmental footprint and performance of our company are measured and certified within the framework of ISO Quality Standards.

ISO 22716 NQA Cosmetic GMP Certificate

It is the document where our commitment to "Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices" is measured and certified in accordance with ISO Quality Standards.

Our Production Principles

At Harika, all our production activities are carried out within the framework of the following principles since day one of establishing our company.


We strive to provide consumers with only the best products that will cater to their needs, that they can use with confidence and that they will be satisfied with after this experience.


Our awareness of and concerns over local and global environmental problems lead us to take precautions to produce all our products using the most environmentally friendly materials and means available to us.


We reduce our island’s foreign dependency by strengthening domestic production as well as supporting the local workforce. By making use of raw materials found locally in Cyprus from local producers, we help contribute to the advancement of society and the economy.


We value continuity in the application of international standards in our production and distribution processes. We are regularly audited by international and independent organizations for the sake of our commitment to quality.


Together with our team of experts, we regularly update and improve our products and production methods through our research and development activities in our factory to better meet the needs of society.

Commitment to Culture

As a locally produced brand in Cyprus, we take care to use traditional and local ingredients for our cleaning and personal care products, such as lemon, orange and olive oil which are part of our local culture.

Our Raw Material Suppliers

We use world-class raw materials in our products acquired from the top suppliers in Europe.